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We focus on Big Bag FIBC, Conductive Big Bag, UN Big Bag, Anti Static Bulk Bags products and so on

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Leading FIBC, Big Bag manufacturer in China. ISO 9001:2008 certified, SINOPACK INDUSTRIES LTD. is the leading manufacturer& exporter of Flexible Industries Packaging Products in China, focusing on manufacturing and exporting big bags, bulk bags, FIBC(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), GEO Textile, PP woven bag, Multi-wall bag, Poly Bag(LDPE,HDPE,PVC,EVA),Mesh Bag etc. We are making all efforts to supply the FIBC, big bag products with high quality and most competitive price. SINOPACK owns two FIBC plants located in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu Province. The factories cover 20000 squares, the annual capacity amount to 1.5 million pieces of big bags. SINOPACK pays much attention to the quality of FIBC products. We have our own Q & C center. The quality control goes through all the process ...

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